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I am a Web developer from Romania with 10+ years commercial experience building custom architectures and/or custom websites and Web apps. My two great passions are coding and motorsports, find out how the two are so related for me in the short story below.

Go to my skills section to read about my skills and technologies I am familiar with; there's more info in my work section to the right :D and in my CV.

Between 2000 and 2008 I was attending highschool (IT class) and university (economics) in a town so bad with cyber crime that it was known as "Hackerville". Surrounded by bad influences I was more interested in C++ and Java so I can code desktop apps that implement the MOD 10 algorithm to generate valid credit card numbers. I must admit I was somewhat of a geek spending hours playing Orbiter and building plugins for it (DLL files that work with the simulator API) so my outlaw career never quite materialized. Eventually I found and by the time I got to "Programming missions" I figured out it was just rigged. So ended up writing a form, figuring out I need a server with some software to read what I write in it's fields, installing Apache and PHP (things were tough back then, no one-click installer like Xampp), quickly wanting to save, list and search data, learning MySQL and starting enjoying them all. I even started understanding what they were trying to teach us in highschool :))

In 2006-2007 I was also emailing some racing teams in Europe; I needed crazy money for a racing season and knew Web development is very lucrative. I was already enjoying coding and needed to start thinking about a career anyway so I thought I should give it a try. I got an internship with a small but very advanced company from Canada, they were developing a remarkably well made search engine that integrated APIs like Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search. The user experience was great and it was mostly all AJAX. One of my first tasks has been a better version of Google "did you mean" feature. This demo is one of the first versions I made. Shortly after that with some extra demo websites I got my first full-time job in Bucharest in 2008, started making a difference and helping companies achieve their goals.

These days I enjoy working remotely and interacting with people all over the world. I had to make a choice at some point and I am happy I choose the Web. Once you learn how to ignore all the noise in this industry the potential is unlimited. I am also constantly improving my racing skills any way I can. I am now able to keep 500+ HP cars under control so I can enjoy 250+ Km/h speeds. I'm also trying to get on as many race tracks as possible. I do code as a passion, using Node.js I had fun controlling and streaming video from an AR Drone 2.0 to a laptop (instead of using their mobile app). I'm also changing factory features on my BMW using the "BMW standard tools". These are actual BMW factory apps that are shared and maintained by one of the biggest brand enthusiasts community in the world. Low level stuff too, no fancy interfaces. Gets your heard racing the first few times you rewrite a module.

So are coding and racing in any way related? In ways you'd never imagine. Coding is not just writing code just like racing is not just moving the steering wheel and pressing pedals. You have to always look ahead, anticipate, be aware, have alternatives, make best choices at a bad moment that you can't control and quickly get back on track when that bad moment passed. Coding and racing are... interesting :)


I have all the skills required to take a Web application from design phase to the production version. If you need a specific set of programming languages, frameworks or libraries (maybe you have already started the project or have multiple projects already and want to be consistent) please review my technologies section. For now I will focus more on the business side in this section.

Starting with a basic design (maybe a .jpeg or .psd) and specifications I can develop both the front-end and back-end sides. This might mean for example creating according to design the interfaces that you will use in your browsers, a mobile version, create all connections with the server, securing them, handle sessions and databases on the server-side, implement APIs for whatever services you might need and so on. If necessary I can also do some server management but for more advanced tasks a server administrator could be required. Without getting into too many technical details I can do all that with HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I prefer Linux servers but not using one is not a deal breaker, it depends on the project requirements really... This software bundle is also known as LAMP.

I usually use a framework like Laravel or CodeIgniter on the server-side but I have created my own custom OOP architectures. On the front-end there's nothing that I haven't been able to do with jQuery. If the development will require more specific frameworks or libraries on both front and back ends, if I can stick around PHP and JavaScript we'll be OK. I know other languages like C++ or Java but I am not familiar at a development level. Technically this means that if necessary I can fill some gaps but depending on the coding volume more time would obviosuly be required.

I can also provide project or code management services because during my 10+ years career as a developer I have interacted with multiple companies and teams and inevitably picked up allot on this side as well. My formal economics training could also help because I understand budgets, prioritisation, business analysis and so on. Being a full stack PHP developer I see team management the same I see code management. This means that if you have two teams, one for front-end and one for back-end, I can assign tasks accordingly so that both team can work isolated and efficient. Practically this means that I can fill the gap and have somewhat of a plug-and-play result without the teams ever overlapping tasks or fixes.

Having said all that I would say that I just get things done and those I have worked with in the past will confirm it. In my 10+ years career I have completed all my projects, have somewhere around 95% task-completion rate (this includes working on projects picked up from other developers) and sticked around set budgets.


This section is still work in progress, currently I am working with Pilonce Ltd.. For now please have a look at my CV for details about my work:

My work

This section is still work in progress, currently I am working with Pilonce Ltd.. For now please have a look at my CV for details about my work:

Pilonce Ltd.




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